Lisk File Manager

A web UI to download and upload files using the Lisk network. Built using JS + Lisk Elements.
Links: Live testnet version, GitHub, YouTube

DIM (Delegate Income Monitor)

Collect data from all blocks forged by a delegate in a certain time period, including the value per block in BTC/USD/EUR at the time of forging.
Links: GitHub, YouTube

Lisk Base64

Send, retrieve and store data using the Lisk blockchain. A proof of concept written in Python.
Links: GitHub, YouTube

Lisk Reward Distributor

Automatically calculate and distribute forging rewards among voters.
Links: GitHub

Lisk Auto-Toggler

A script that ensures that forging on your Lisk node stays enabled.
Links: GitHub

YouTube videos (channel)

GitHub issues

As a dedicated community member I have contributed to the Lisk ecosystem in the following ways:

Tool creation

All tools can be found on, including links to their Github repositories and videos.

Community Participation

Plans for the future

If I am to become a forging delegate, I will use the rewards to:

Becoming a forging delegate would mean I can continue my work in a more professional way. This will be realised by spending more time and resources on it (eg: start a business, hire additional devs, etc).

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Mainnet delegate

Testnet delegate

Lisktools currently maintains two high performance nodes with public API access, one for each network.


There are some exciting features to be added to this section in the near future. Stay tuned :-)